• Monument Valley

  • KQ-Rock-aa-Hard-Place-O

    King's Quest

  • Battleborn-Rendain-O


  • Destiny-Graveyard-O


  • Wolf-Trip-Trap-O

    The Wolf Among Us

  • Never-Alone-Adrift-O

    Never Alone

  • Ori-and-Naru-O

    Ori and the Blind Forest

  • Never-Alone-Adrift-L
  • MV-Labyrinth-O

    Monument Valley

Get Into the Pixel at E3 2015

One of my favorite exhibits at E3 each year is Into the Pixel, a celebration and exploration of the art in games. It’s beautiful landscapes and unique portraits produced on museum-quality paper hanging in huge frames on the first floor of the (west? east? south?) hall in the Staples Center.

The exhibit has released the featured pieces for this year’s exhibit, and boy are they beautiful. Check out the full list at the 2015 ITP website, and get an eyeful at E3 this year.